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COMING SOON! Staycation - Season 2

Staycation will return for a second season airing on CBS affiliates. Executive producer and host Robert Parks-Valletta shared on Monday that it will continue to highlight the best vacation rentals worldwide with Season 2 of the Emmy winning docuseries, Staycation, which will premiere on Saturday, November 12.

Staycation’s s second season will feature new destinations and offer viewers unprecedented access into the world’s most unique and extravagant vacation rentals. Each episode in the second season will unveil the personalities behind some of the most dynamic vacation experiences worldwide, including Mexico, Greece, Austin, New York, Scottsdale, and more. Through these unique stories from the homeowners or proper Mangers, their deep intention and unique vision are unveiled in the remarkable homes and experiences they’ve created, leaving an indelible impact on those around them.

Robert Parks-Valletta says, ”Season 2 will make you want to pack up and vacation. The homes will blow you away, but this season has a lot more heart. You’ll get a glimpse into the people who make it happen.”

Staycation is produced by Making it Media and executive produced by Robert Parks-Valletta, Timothy Napier, Darin Brooks, Yvette Bass, and Sebastian Attie. With notable episode directors - Neil Fernandez, Marvin Nuecklaus, Eric Lin, and many more.


Making It Media (MIM) is a production company on a mission to create the travel channel of the future; Destination Channel. Founded by Robert Parks-Valletta in partnership with Emmy Award-winning actor Darin Brooks (The Bold & the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives), Timothy Napier (Emmy Winning Producer), Yvette Bass (Emmy Winning Producer) and Sebastian Attie (Head of production). The company has previously launched 4 other programs: The Destination Series, Wonderful Places, Fantastic and How Healthy Happens, which can also be streamed on MIM’s partner platforms after an initial airing on CBS and The Food Network.

The team has accounted for a combined 3,000 episodes of network television content to-date. Making It Media's content expertise is complemented by a cross-platform approach to distribution, with its combined social media partner networks consisting of over 5+ million followers, and plans to launch the Destination Network, a 24/7 streaming channel living on multiple platforms.

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Making It Media


TikTok: @destinationchannel


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